Spend a week hacking with the Major League Hacking (MLH) community at GHW: Data!

What is Global Hack Week?

Global Hack Week takes place throughout the year to give you a chance to complete technical challenges, network with the community, enjoy fun live sessions, build technical projects, and make new memories.

We'll have challenges, live technical sessions with MLHers, mini-events galore, and some cool content from our partners! Here’s a sneak peek:

At each Global Hack Week, you can:

⭐ Watch live technical streams

⭐ Participate in skill-building workshops

⭐ Join us for fun activities

⭐ Enter and win swag in raffles


What is Data Week?

Each GHW features a new theme, and this August we'll offer workshops, technical sessions, and more focused on Data!

Who is GHW for?

Global Hack Week is for anyone ready to level-up their hacking skills. We welcome all programmers, designers, artists, and hackers from around the globe to join us for these events. Whether this is is day 1 or day 1000 of your hacker journey, we want you to join us!

Can I get swag at this event?

Yes, of course! Each Global Hack Week will feature some amazing 2023 Hackathon Season swag…you’ll have to participate to find out exactly what you’re getting! 

What is a Guild? How can I be a part of it?

One of the best parts of our community is that it allows people to meet and make connections with others, regardless of where you live. guilds are smaller communities within Major League Hacking. Whether you come in with a guild or not, you won’t be hacking alone.

Who organized Global Hack Week?

Global Hack Week is organized by Major League Hacking (MLH). It is our mission to empower hackers worldwide by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. 



Your challenge submission must be completed within the submission period.

When relevent, your code must be available in some sort of public repository. 

If you're continuing work on an old project, you MUST specify in your Devpost what was worked on 1) Before this day of Global Hack Week and 2) During this day of Global Hack Week.  

Hackathon Sponsors


Explore Artificial Intelligence

We know AI is one of the most popular topics to explore, and we want to challenge you to spend some time this weekend learning more about it. If you’re already familiar, take some time to dive deeper. If you’re new to the topic, follow a tutorial or just spend some time watching videos or reading guides. Tell us what you learned on the Devpost.

Use Music Data

Build any hack or data project that utalizes music data! You could make a song recommender, playlist generator, or anything else you can dream up! Submit on Devpost.

Recipe Database

Build a way to store recipes so you can access them later on! Share with us on Devpost!

Use Computer Vision

What if your garbage can could sort your recycling and compost out for you? Build a project that uses computer vision to accomplish a task. Submit your hack on our Devpost!

Data Game

Create any game that uses a Data set! Share it with us on Devpost.

Build a Data Visualization

here are so many different ways to visualize data. It can be as simple as a graph or as complex as a piece of art. Show off your visualization on the Devpost when you’re finished.

Submissions Closed - Day 1 Challenge - Build a CRM

Create your own Customer Relationship Management platform with a low or no code tool of your choice.

Submissions Closed - Day 1 Challenge - Animate with JS

Build your first animation using Javascript - check out this tutorial to get started! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF3fPR_1br4&list=PLPDgudJ_VDUcJF5tHTsLqC2iyOV1p-WXv&index=6

Submissions Closed - Day 1 Challenge - Password Hashing

Create an application with authentication features that demonstrates password hashing.

Submissions Closed - Day 1 Challenge - Explore Data

Find a data set and load it into a programming envrioment and start to explore it!

Submissions Closed - Day 1 Challenge - CRUD Hack

Using a programming language and database of your choice, create an app that performs the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

Submissions Closed - Day 2 Challenge - Hack Store Hack

Create an app that stores details of all the hackathons you have participated in, along with details of the hack you worked on. Share on hackp.ac/DailyDevpost

Submissions Closed - Day 2 Challenge - Movie Database

Create a database in any way you'd like to store information about movies you've seen or want to see! Share on Devpost!

Submissions Closed - Day 2 Challenge - Time Series Analysis

Choose an open source time series dataset of your choice and model it. Apply techniques such as forecasting, trend analysis, or anomaly detection to extract meaningful information from the temporal data.

Submissions Closed - Day 3 Challenge - Web Scraping App

Create a web-scrapping application that helps the community! Your project could scrape class data to help students plan their course schedule, look into grocery store prices to compile the best sales, or anything else that you can share with your community to help others out. Submit on our Devpost!

Submissions Closed - Day 3 Challenge - Use Weather Data

Create a project that uses weather data to do anything you’d like. Maybe you’ll suggest a commute based on the weather, predict future weather trends, or pick out the best days to plan a picnic on. There will be blue skies ahead if you submit on Devpost.

Submissions Closed - Day 3 Challenge - Sticker Database

As we all know, stickers are a big deal. Create a database to share the stickers you have earned or want to earn in the future! Stick with your project by sending it to us on our Devpost.

Submissions Closed - Day 3 Challenge - Use a Data API

There are tons of awesome (and free!) data APIs out there! Try out any that you'd like and share what you build on Devpost!

Submissions Closed - Day 4 Challenge - Sports Analyst Hack

Create a hack that analyzes a sport you enjoy. The sky's the limit here - you could have an AI watch and analyze footage, a database store scores, or any other analysis you think would be fun to implement. Submit your demo on the Devpost to score a touchdown.

Submissions Closed - Day 4 Challenge - Business card scanner

Ever receive a business card but don’t want to take the time to type all the details in? We’re challenging you to create an application that will scan business cards and store the data. Submit to Devpost.

Submissions Closed - Day 4 Challenge - Learn SQL

"Databases add a level of complexity to many hacks, and understanding SQL can benefit you in your hacker journey. Create a project that incorporates SQL databases, or simply learn how to write a few SQL queries. You can seek(ql) our Devpost here.

Submissions Closed - Day 4 Challenge - Financial Hack

Whether you’re tackling budgeting for college students or financial modeling for stock markets, we want to see you create something inspired by finance. This can be as simple as looking at data from one or two stocks, or as complex as a holistic view of someone’s finances. Submit your hack on our Devpost!

Submissions Closed - Day 5 Challenge - Build with React

React is a popular way to build interactive UIs. Try using it or adding it to an existing project. If you want to see our reaction, submit it on the Devpost.

Submissions Closed - Day 5 Challenge - Use environmental Data

We love going to hackathons and seeing projects to help the earth. Create any hack that will help us care for the environment better and uses environmental data and show it off on our Devpost.

Submissions Closed - Day 5 Challenge - Sentiment Analysis

Using Sentiment analysis can come in handy for many types of hacks from understanding how customers view a product to determining effective ways of communicating with your audience. Explore this topic and Submit your hack on our Devpost!

Submissions Closed - Day 5 Challenge - Create a Chat Bot

We’d love to see you create your own Discord/Slack Bot or any other chat bot you’d like. Tell us all about it on the Devpost.

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